Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grey Gardens HBO Promo For April 18,2009 Premiere

Trixie is not a big movie fan, but she might watch this.

Premiering on HBO April 18,2009

Finally, the movie that all Grey Gardens fans have been waiting for. Doesn't it seem like it's been years since they announced this project? Just looking at the clips, this will have been more than worth the wait. Period piece, complete with autos, the dress, and social customs of the times.

As much as I'm intrigued by the story of two women whose living conditions collapsed around them, I have to remember that while they were living a richly grand lifestyle during the 1930's, 40', and 50's, my family was barely eeking out a living on a small dirt farm in Michigan. President Kennedy, if you recall, said that he didn't even realize that there was a depression until he read about it. My family, like many, actually lived it.

I don't even have to see the movie to predict that it will be hugely successful. A classic. The original documentary, Grey Gardens, by the Maysles Brothers, is one of my favorites. I own the Criterion Edition (maybe several copies)and have bought copies of this for friends. Some have liked it, but not all. It appears frequently on HBO and I keep it on TIVO.

BTW, a slim paperback by Lois Wright, "My Life At Grey Gardens: 13 Months And Beyond", is also very interesting. Lois is the woman who appears in the Maysles "birthday" scene. While appearing to be a guest, she was actually a resident of Grey Gardens at the time that the documentary was filmed. The book is Lois' diary of the thirteen months that she spent there.

Compare and contrast Drew Barrymore with the real Little Edie Beale:

Remarkable, isn't it?

Here is the trailer for the original documentary, Grey Gardens, by the Maysles Brothers:



  1. This looks like a great movie!! I already put a reminder in my phone to watch it. LOL, I remember the first time I heard about the documentary was from a clip you posted.


  2. You should send away to PegFlix's so you can watch it before the premiere!