Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cheryl w/the girls before they left to spend the summer with their father.

I am very sad to report that I had to find a new home for Jilly. I gave it a year, but I was unable to housebreak her. She came to us out of an animal hoarding situation where she had probably never gone outside. Anyway, I take the blame, but she was wearing me out. And, she got a very good home with one of the volunteers, who coincidentally was my former vets fiancee. (He was a very well known vet in Pittsburgh, who died suddenly.)

I am still tremendously sad. I wish it had gone differently.


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  1. Very sorry to hear that you had to let Jilly go... but you gave it every opportunity to work out, and you took responsibility for making sure she had another place to go. Hang in there...