Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here's How We Clean Up Our Yards In These Here Parts

Yards are a lot of work this time of year. Especially our yard. We've had our own Grey Gardens thing going on, letting things slide out of control, but we can't seem to agree on what needs to be done.

I want certain trees pruned, others removed entirely. I think that all bushes should be neatly trimmed, and I do mean all! Someone else evidently went to the school of letting things grow through the effing windows!!

Ok, so I do have a thing about cutting, pruning, and trimming. And, the penchant does extend well beyond trees and bushes, even into personal, or dog grooming. But, doesn't everything look better when it's neat and trimmed? Guys who shave their heads? Totally! Ban on Brazilian waxing? Ridiculous. Waxing should probably should be mandatory.

Cheryl's sister will not let me trim her little Yorkie unless she is present. She has nicknamed me Peggy Scissorhands. If not for her, the little dog would probably be almost hairless. I say, "less hair, fewer mats."

Lettuce all prey: Oh Lord, if it beith thyeth will, please just giveth me one hour aloneth with Obama's new dog and my Oster Dog Grooming kit. Amen

We were able to reach a couple of compromises today. Three small trees came down. One tree stayed, but I was allowed to remove any branch low enough to smack me in the face.

I have pictures of spring clean up. The large fire, I will have to explain after my Xanax wears off. I'm absolutely terrified of fire but it seems that I'm in the minority around here. Maybe I'd have better luck if I offered to just burn down the trees that I don't like?

Look at the glee!

Trixie thought she saw the Blessed Mother in the flames and had to turn away!

I really stepped up this year,
by starting my own clean up fire!!

I didn't want to say anything until it was official, but we have a new little dog. We are still arguing over her name. Please participate in the "Name That Dog" poll, or suggest another name in comments.

She'll be getting a haircut right after we see the Vet this afternoon!!



  1. Trixie IS a good dog. And, I think with just a little training, your new nameless pup will be he gardener in the family.

  2. The burning bush...get any prolific messages?

    Name the dog'll be ironic.

    We used to burn our piles of leaves in the fall...back when I was a youngin.

  3. Hahn: She is a very good dog. Training? Who said anything about training.

    Melly: I loved your post today. Unbelievably gorgeous food!

    We had friends who named their cat Matt for that very reason. I think I'm going with Jilly.

    Thanks for stopping, you two!

  4. She kinda looks like an Abby to me. She could be your own dear Abby...

  5. ...but Jilly works for us, too. Congratulations on the new addition. I'm sure she has a good story, too...