Monday, April 6, 2009

I've Come To Bury Your Butter, Not Eat It!

Sometimes my spaghetti comes out like this. I like it and think that it means I'll have good luck. When I was growing up, even though I didn't know it at the time, I was growing up Irish and learning the ways of the ancestors.

I'm not crazy about tomato sauce so I just put Molly McButter, Parmesan cheese, and maybe some red pepper on it. I used to use real butter but quit for health reasons.

There are many benefits to being Irish. Usually because the food that I make is so horrible, I only have to cook for one. Or, if I'm asked to a Pot Luck, I'm usually just asked to bring pop and chips.

Our family made their own butter on a dairy farm in Sanilac County, Michigan. Grandma Kirk had a butter churn in the kitchen pantry and I recall going down in the cellar with Grandpa where he had a new fangled creamery set up that separated the cream from the milk. Everything was cooked in, or slathered in butter. I have even seen it spread onto a piece of pumpkin pie.

Irish Butter Bogs are interesting.

The custom of burying butter in bogs seems to have been known in early times, possibly as early as the sixth century A.D. An account of Irish food written by Dinely in 1681 contains the following description 'Butter, layed up in wicker baskets, mixed with a sort of garlic and buried for some time in a bog to make a provision of an high taste for Lent'.

Believe me! Only the Irish would think that burying food in a peat bog would improve flavor!

The article also says that the butter still smelled good after 1400 years but was not edible. The archaeologists must not have been Irish!! Bet my family would have eaten it. We'll eat anything no matter how old, or long that it's been left out, or in the bog!

If you'd like a copy of my "Good Luck Spaghetti" recipe, please email me:

Cheryl made a big filet Mignon. I know, I know, I should have taken the picture before we tore into it. Excuse me, I'm going out in the backyard and bury some Molly McButter.



  1. Peg...sometimes my spaghetti comes out like that too!

  2. My spaghetti stopped turning out like that when i started breaking it in half - but I still want to go out and bury some butter now.

  3. Hmmm... I like to think I'll eat anything, but I can't say I've ever buried my food before eating it. Ha ha, well at least we know I love spaghetti!

  4. Peg..I missed the video the first time. That filet looked oh so good. I am looking at my bottle of Molly McButter and 1 tsp has 180 mg. of salt. Is that alot?

    I use it on baked potatoes but I will use it on noodles too!

    Now, who is that darling child on the horsie?